Booking my second international Award trip – US to Africa via US Airways

After booking a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest followed by a few days in Copenhagen for 100,000 United miles, I was high on life (and miles). What better way to follow that up than with another difficult award redemption? For several hours, I pored through various destinations including London, Bombay, South Africa, and Dubai. I […]

Does Churning Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score?

tl;dr: Churning hurts one’s credit score by a small amount in the immediate term, but for most people it’s not a big deal and it will go back up. When I tell people that I apply for credit cards quite frequently to take advantage of large sign-on bonuses, the most frequent response I get is: […]

Tentatively Planning an Around-the-World Trip

24 Countries in 3 months.  40,000+ in-flight miles over 24 flight segments, and the longest train ride in the world (6,152 miles, 7 days). That’s the holy-crap, bucket-list trip I’m planning for post-grad school travel.  I’ll start and end the trip in Miami. My goal is to spend 2-4 days in each of the stopover […]

UFMBAA International Night Recap

New blog post about UF MBAA International Night – a smashing success even though I was unable to make it!

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Should I Curve Exams?

As a Navy Nuke, I was indoctrinated to believe that curves were necessarily bad. I believed that there were established standards, and one either knew the material or didn’t. In order to safely operate a nuclear reactor plant, the highest levels of knowledge, understanding, and practical application must be demanded of all potential operators. This […]

Christmas Churning

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and my miles and points balances were getting low… With my last credit card applications several months behind and some new offers out there, it was time to apply for credit cards once again. Over the span of about an hour, I had chosen four cards and applied for each. […]

Finding a Hotel in Munich for Oktoberfest

On a whim, I recently booked an 11 day trip to Europe for Oktoberfest. I’ll be spending 7 nights in Munich followed by two nights in Copenhagen, and an overnight in Washington, D.C. on the way back to Gainesville. The hardest part, I believed, was done; now I needed to find somewhere to stay. I […]

UF MBA Sports Business Club

Read about the creation of the UF MBA Sports Business Club and their first meeting here. Lots of cool things planned for 2014, including guest speakers and field trips!

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My First International Award Booking

Over the past few years I haven’t had too much time for vacation, let alone for vacation planning. Now that I’m back in college, said time has since surfaced, and I made a firm commitment to leave the US in 2014 at least once. What better place than Oktoberfest in Germany? I got the idea […]

My First Guest Post

Check out and read about my take on our awesome MBA team for a Kickball league here in Gainesville.

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